Why Test Time Based Programs?

Businesses that are involved in the IT industry need to regularly find hardware and software solutions as well as new methodology if they want to boost their efficiency. One of the infamous ways to achieve these is virtualization. It plays an important role in software virtualization and companies use it to improve time productivity. Time virtualization is massive topic that is worth understanding.

Hardware virtualization uses the resources that you currently have to create, for instance, different samples of an operating system. Meanwhile, time simulation is a technique that involves emulating the system clock so as to create multiple virtual clocks. This basically means that the system clock remains neutral while all the other stand alone systems that are time based, continue to operate in parallel. Testers can control, manipulate, simulate, as well as automate time if they have access to virtual clocks. This is very useful whenever they need to test time based programs.

Hardware resources are also efficiently used thanks to the time simulation software tool. It plays a huge role in ensuring the flexibility of application testing. It also makes sure that the assessment is done in a real setting. Temporal testing, which is a procedure to test time based programs, is very difficult mainly because making alterations to the system time is not only tedious but also nearly impossible due to security reasons. Can you imagine how much money and effort you need spend and waste when resetting the testing conditions every time you modify the system clock?

So, if you have to test time based programs, you just have to use virtual clocks. You no longer need to manually reset the system clock each time your tester needs to time travel a certain application to a specific event in the past or future. This is a much better option that manually resetting the system clock. This conventional option will have an impact on the different systems that are running on various servers. Some companies that choose this option may need 2 days to coordinate the downtime that resetting the system clock will cause, before they would stop, restart, and log users off/on. Given that, you can expect a basic regression test cycle on ERP/SAP system to last for as long as two weeks. However, if you use virtual clocks to test time based programs, a similar test on an ERP/SAP system will only take one day to complete.

Another important point you need to take into consideration is the fact that you need to set programs that are able to communicate with one another on the same clock. Having a reliable synchronization is essential on all kinds of tasks ranging from simple issues like date confusion to complicated transactions.

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