Reasons To Use A Customized Countdown Timer

Ever visited a website that has this gorgeous countdown timer on the front page?

There is a reason this is put up and it is well-regarded as a decent tool to have in your arsenal as a business or website owner.

Here are the main reasons to use a customized countdown timer.

1) Creates Urgency

The number one reason has to be urgency and this is a world-class marketing tactic used by businesses all over the world. When customers look at a timer, they will realize there’s a deadline and it’s time to take action.

In fact, people want to make sure they beat out the timer and many will buy right on the spot without waiting. They don’t want to miss out and that is the reason so many businesses do well with timed sales events.

Think about this as a strategy while you build a new website.

2) Signifies Importance of Deadline

Sometimes, people don’t understand the importance of something until they see it spelled out in the form of a timer. Saying you have a few hours left is a lot different to putting a countdown timer on your website.

People will know you are not joking when it comes to the deadline.

When this happens, you will see them give importance to the deadline and pay attention to what is being sold. This is great for businesses that have sales and want to illustrate the timer is up and the deadline is going to be the end of the sale.

3) Gets People To Share

People want to share but it is important to make them feel this way with the help of a timer.

They are going to notice the time is running out and that will help spread the word like wildfire. People want to help and they are going to let others know about a new product/service that has come up if you put a timer with it. A lot of businesses use this strategy because it works so well. People don’t mind putting the word out if they know there’s a deadline attached to the task.

This is when the website can start to bring in new leads and help itself.

4) Lets You Choose Features

Want it to look a certain way? Perhaps you are going for a unique look that is in line with your brand?

Each website owner is going to have a different perspective when it comes to a customized countdown timer and that’s why it’s best to personalize it down to the last detail. Don’t go with a random countdown timer that isn’t in line with your wants.

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