data-storage-images-3Ensuring the security of your information ought to be a priority given that recreating lost information will often not be possible. It is very important to copy your info so that it can be recreated by you in case there’s a loss. You can find a lot of items that will make your info to be lost by you including viruses which can corrupt files that are significant making them inaccessible. You may even experience someone or a method failure may delete info.

Additionally, there are instances in which a flood or a fire can ruin your computers consequently damaging all the data included. There are various storage media which may assist you in backing your information up. After that, you can save the media to an offsite location for security. You thus have to place your storage media in a media transportation instance that is secure and safe to make sure that the media reach their destination while still complete.

Turtle Case

The turtle case is a media transport case which is made to make certain the storage media are protected from any damage from one place to another. Since the outer covering of the case is extremely tough, the name turtle can be used. This covering has a double wall which consumes any impact from the exterior, ensuring the tapes don’t get damaged.

The cover ensures that if there’s a weight positioned on the case, the tapes will not be got to by the pressure as this can really deform them causing loss of information. The case ensures that no condensation happens and shields the cassettes. The case is made of a higher density stuff which has a light weight but is quite lasting. The interior of the case is sealed to make certain that water and soil cannot seep through to ruin the tapes.

Pelican Case

Another media transportation case is the pelican case that is sealed on the interior and is so watertight. The case is dustproof ensuring the tapes usually do not get with any contaminants that are airborne. This case doesn’t smash under outside pressure and has a tough outside covering.

Pelican cases could be customized to carry the storage media that was particular that you really want to transport. The claim is made of the copolymer which can be a powerful substance that may absorb high impact and it’s also really lasting. It’s double throw latches that are not difficult to open and two hasps where you’re able to place a padlock. In addition, it has a watertight polymer o-ring seal along with the wall of the case is powerful but light in weight. The cases include a valve which automatically equalizes the handle as well as pressure is big and covered in rubber making it comfortable to transport the case.

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Xpresspax  Cases

The Xpresspax case was designed as a media transportation case to safeguard your storage media by ensuring the cassettes are cushioned from shock and consuming high impact. The case being bumped around and is created from customized resin that will consume high impact from falls. The stuff is not just robust but can also be permanent. The cassettes are protected by the Xpresspax case from harsh weather components like humidity and excessive heat also its trays which perfectly fit the media that you are transporting, ensuring the media stays in place.